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Manual suction device

Applicable to any tin removal needs, light design, strong tin-absorbing function, high efficiency, unique crushing tin method, easy to remove the nozzle tin shavings, never block

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Type: manual suction device
Material: PVC
Maximum suction: 3.5 (cm-Hg)
Temperature adjustment range: 150 (°C)
Length: 330 (mm)
product instructions:
1. First press the suction piston down to the stuck position;
2. Heat the solder joint with a soldering iron to melt the solder;
3. While removing the soldering iron, quickly attach the soldering nozzle to the solder joint and press the suction button. Uses: In the circuit maintenance, it is often necessary to remove the integrated circuit from the printed circuit board. Since the integrated circuit pins are dense and dense, it is difficult to disassemble, and sometimes the integrated circuit and the circuit board are damaged. The use of a soldering device to disassemble the block, the component is convenient and not easy to damage the circuit board. This is a commonly used professional method. After the solder joint is melted, the suction nozzle is placed in the integrated block to be disassembled. On the foot, the solder is sucked into the soldering device, and the soldering of all the pins is taken out and the integrated block can be removed.