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Anti-static manual suction device

1. Unique air leakage protection, better gas density, less leaking
2. Compact one-handed design, easy to operate with one hand
3. Non-slip handle design, smooth operation, no slippery hand, more comfortable grip
4. Replaceable tips, economical, easy to operate, easy to clean

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Type: anti-static suction device
Material: Advanced PVC anti-static
Maximum suction: 1.0 (cm-Hg)
Temperature range: 200 (°C)
Length: 330 (mm)
The correct use of manual soldering device:
There is a spring inside the manual suction device. When using it, first press the slider at the end of the suction device until it hears a “click” sound, indicating that the suction device has been fixed and then heated by the soldering iron to make the welding. The solder on the spot is melted, and the soldering nozzle is brought close to the solder joint. Press the button on the soldering device to suck the solder. If it is not sucked once, repeat the above steps.