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All plastic suction gun (strong suction)

Suitable for computer motherboards, mobile phone motherboards and other parts maintenance.

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Type: manual suction device
Material: high quality wear-resistant plastic
Maximum suction: 2 (cm-Hg)
Temperature adjustment range: 100 (°C)
Specifications full length: 225mm
Scope of application: various welding aids for disassembling components
product manual:
Commonly used professional methods: After the solder is melted, the solder nozzle is placed on the lead of the integrated block to be removed, and the solder is sucked into the soldering tin. After the soldering of all the pins is completed, the integrated block is Can be taken off.
Note: When using the suction device, please pay attention to clean the inside of the suction device. It is very simple to remove the suction device. Press the small black point in the back, turn it counterclockwise and pull it up, and the top operation spring can be removed!