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Digital display hot air gun soldering station two in one thermostat electric iron

Performance Overview
The air flow of the blower is large, the wind is soft, but the wind pressure is small, the wind nozzle can not be small, otherwise the temperature is not high, and it is not allowed.
Suitable for large-area heating, precise temperature control, such as: BGA, MOS, plastic parts.

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Rated input voltage: AC 220V 50Hz
Rated power: 700 W
Digital display / temperature adjustment: digital display
Working voltage: AC 220V 50Hz
Hot air part
Temperature range: 100-450 ° C
Temperature stability: ±10 ° C (no load)
Temperature correction: Yes
Shut down cold wind: Yes
Sleep standby: Yes
Airflow mode: Turbo DC fan
Air flow: 120L/min (max)
Adjustment mode: 8 steps of stepless speed regulation
Soldering Stations
Circuit structure: MCU temperature control
Operational guidance
1. First power on the soldering iron host
2. Turn on the host power switch
3. Adjust the knob and wait for the soldering iron to heat up
4. When the soldering iron can smoothly melt the tin wire, it can work.
5. Clean the soldering iron tip after use to extend its life.