Factory Touring

Welcome to LiTech Power Co.,Ltd!

ides the Lithium Technology for Power Solutions developing and producing Li-ion, LiFePO4, LTO battery packs, Battery BMS.

LiTech Power provides the complete solutions from A to Z for all your projects, whatever your project is for medical devices, military equipments, industrial tools and consumer gadgets, from 2.0V/1S to 120V/32S configurations, with many different communication protocols, such as SMBus, CANBus, ModeBus, RS485 / RS232 and so on.

Currently LiTech Power group has 4 main production facilities - Battery Cell Factory, Battery Management System Factory, Battery Pack Assembly Factory and Battery Housing Factory.

• Li-ion Battery Cell Factory is located in JiangXi, China, mainly for 18650 and 21700 cylinder, well known as“Far East Battery / FST”; with daily output 1.2M 18650 cells and 1M 21700 cells,

• Battery Management System (BMS) factory is located in China, dedicated for all Li-ion and LiFePo4 high-end intelligent Battery Management Systems,

• Battery Pack Assembly Factory is located in Dongguan China, dedicated for complete battery pack assembly manufacturing,

• Battery Pack housing Factory is Located in ShenZhen, China, dedicated for all battery pack metal/Aluminium/Plastic housing,

With the marketing support from our German branch office, we had successfully custom made 2,000+ Li-ion, Li-Polymer, LiFePo4 Battery Packs during the past 12 months for different applications.