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Portable UPS Power Supply -

Powerbank 20100mah 75Wh DC Output 19V / 3.5A Laptops Charger

The Powerbank UPS 19V with 20100mah  is compact and flat. A supplied cable allows fast loading of mobile devices such as mobile phones/Laptop.
With the UPS function (Uninterrupted Power Supply) you have the possibility to load this PowerBank and at the same time your mobile device. The UPS function is used when power is disconnected from the power outlet.
The Powerbank UPS 19V have multi protection security system; Please note that it must not be under 19V when using it, otherwise it may cause damage.

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PowerBank UPS 19V
The PowerBank with 20100mAh is your reliable power source to go. Should your smartphone run out of power, the PowerBank is quick to hand and can charge your smartphone up to 100%.
The external battery is characterized by its compactness and its sturdy aluminum housing.
Multi-protection security system
Overvoltage protection, controlled charging and discharging, overvoltage protection, short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, each PowerBank is tested before delivery.
Microprogrammed Control Unit
The MCU charging technology identifies your device and adjusts the charging speed of your device with maximum security.
Technical specifications:
* Battery type: Li-ion
* Capacity: 20100mAh
* Input: 19V / 4A (max)
* USB output: 5A / 2.1A
* DC output: 19V / 3.5 A (max.)
* Material:Aluminium