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Adjustable temperature industrial hot air blower film heat shrink gun 1600W

Hot air cylinder safety precaution
1. Do not use the hot air blower as a hair dryer.
2. Do not directly direct the hot air to people or animals.
3. Do not use near flammable or flammable gases.
4. Do not block or cover the hot air inlet and outlet.
5. When the hot air cylinder is in use or just after use, do not touch the nozzle. The handle of the hot air cylinder must be kept dry.
6. The hot air cylinder must be completely cooled before it can be stored.
7. Working hours may cause a lot of dust, please use a safety mask or dust mask.

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Voltage: 220V / 50Hz
Air flow: L: 250L / H: 550L
Working temperature: 550 ° C
Airflow: 350L / Min
Power type: AC power
Rated voltage: 220v
Rated input power: 1600W
Noise decibel: <80db
Length: 250 (mm)
Temperature control: MCU control
Display: LCD
Cold wind: Yes
Temperature adjustment method: number button
Motor: DC motor Wanbao to 385
Hot core: five-wire with temperature sensing line long life heating core
Power cord: three plug 3C GB power cord (2.27m)
Temperature protection: high temperature protection
Placement method: hook, inverted support dual function
Product use precautions
When using for the first time, please adjust the temperature adjustment knob to the low level, then select the appropriate air volume to start the machine. The first use of the heat gun has smoke or smell, which is the normal phenomenon during the first peroxidation .
After the heat gun is used for a period of time, the front tube will be black, which is also a normal phenomenon and has no effect on the operation of the machine.
The to the high temperature of the hot air gun, in order to keep the heat gun for a long service life, we need to keep the proper distance between the hot air gun and the heated object when using it. It should be kept at least Above 16mm distance, otherwise it will greatly affect the heating wire. And the service life of the motor.
After the hot air gun is used, please turn the temperature knob to the low level, keep the power on and stand for 20 seconds, then adjust the air volume adjustment switch to 0 position and store the heat gun.
When the hot air is not used for a long time, please turn off the power cord in time.