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Battery Accessories - Nickel Welding Strip

20,000PCS/pack SMT packaged nickel plate, coming in reel package 3X2X0.3MM

Good spot welding performance, solid spot welding, low internal resistance



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Size: 3x2x0.3 mm
Thickness: 0.3 mm
Material: Manganese steel nickel plating
Packing: Woven tape 20,000PCS/pack
Physical properties: Good spot welding effect, lower internal resistance, longer discharge time of battery pack, stronger battery spot welding, high product stability, stable material quality, strong reliability
The product is widely used in SMT patch, battery protection plate spot welding, various battery pack, balance car battery, electric car battery, nickel cadmium battery, lithium ion battery, mobile phone battery, notebook battery, mobile power battery, button battery, power battery and other industries